More vulnerabilities found in Apple’s Safari

More vulnerabilities found in Apple’s Safari

SafariCould Safari be the black sheep in Apple’s software family? A recent rumor going around said that PayPal would lock Safari users out of its online payments on the claims that the Apple browser is unsafe. This links in with the announcement made back in February by PayPal’s Chief Information Officer that Safari is not safe enough for regular use of PayPal. As we pointed out Safari is not even included in the list of safe browsers on the PayPal FAQ.

PayPal have been quick to deny the rumor that Safari would be locked out though, and their corporate communications spokesman Michael Oldenburg was quoted saying “PayPal is developing features to block customers from logging into PayPal when using obsolete browsers on outdated or unsupported operating systems” and he clearly says that PayPal will never block the current version of a browser.

Unfortunately for Apple, another vulnerability has been found in Safari. Researcher Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian posted a warning on BugTraq, reported by CNET, where he said that the browser could be subject “to crashes or interactions with an attacker’s malicious site”. This is specific to Safari 3.1.1 for Windows, so users are encouraged to keep the previous version and wait for an update from Apple.

Obviously, some issues still need to be fixed on the Apple browser. I still think it’s one of the best browsers around, but Firefox seems to have the edge, both on PC and Mac. And with the high expectations over the upcoming Firefox 3, the pressure on Apple to deliver a top of the line browser is higher than ever, if they want to stay in the race.

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