Moving from Kubuntu Linux to Mac

macvskubuntu1.pngBlog posts relating the tale of moving from Windows to a Linux distribution seem to be ten a penny these days, with large numbers of users growing tired of struggling with a costly, unsecure operating system. I’ve done things slightly differently. I’ve been using Kubuntu Linux at home for over a year but in December, I made the decision to go Mac.

For many Linux users, choosing to move to a closed-source system (even if it is based on Unix) is the worst mixture of foolishness and treachery. The problem for me was that at times, I couldn’t get Linux to do what I wanted it to do. When I desperately wanted to get a P2P TV application working, I laboured for two hours with no success. By that time, the game was over. I’m not averse to working with the console, adding restricted repositories or even compiling the odd app but I became sick and tired of having to use special tricks to get my computer to do fairly simple things which I could achieve with ease on a Windows machine. Also, I wanted a new iMac.

So, over the next few weeks, I’m going to post some articles about my experiences and grievances moving from Kubuntu to MacOS X. For example: why doesn’t Apple just accept that the right-click makes sense? And will I ever be able to get Amarok to run on my Mac? I’d also be very happy to hear from people who’ve made this change themselves: which programs did you find hardest to live without?

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