Mozilla plans a mobile version of Firefox

mobile-firefox.jpgWhile Opera has already launched a mobile version of its web browser for PDAs and Smartphones, Mozilla developers, probably quite busy now while working on Firefox 3.0, still remain silent as regards their own mobile browser. At least they hadn’t said a word until Mitchel Baker, Mozilla CEO, was interviewed a couple of days ago by the APC editor Dan Warne.

When asked about a future Firefox for mobile platforms, Baker confirmed that Mozilla is certainly moving in that direction and has even started a project (codename Joey) in order to determine the kind of information people usually access in a mobile web browser and what would be the best way to deliver it to mobile devices.

However, Baker also warned that this is by no means a short-term project and that it will take months before we get to see the little red fox on our PDA. Implementing web browsing capabilities into a mobile device is very difficult due mainly to the endless growth of online services, but according to Baker’s words:

The Mozilla Foundation’s mission in life is to improve Internet experience and that is increasingly on devices other than PCs. If we’re not there then we won’t be able to live the kind of vision that we helped grow.

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