Mozilla unveils Joey, the ‘mobile Firefox’

Project Joey from MozillaAs we reported a week ago, the Mozilla Foundation has announced that it’s working on a mobile equivalent for Firefox, codenamed ‘Joey’. Last night, Mozilla’s very own LabRats posted some much more detailed information on the project which has given us a better idea of how the final product might work.

The premise is this: you can use Firefox to send text clippings, pictures, videos, RSS content, and Live Bookmarks to your phone through the Joey Server. The Joey Server transcodes and keeps all of the content up-to-date. You can then use your phone’s browser or the Joey application on your phone to view and manage what you have uploaded.

So it’s not exactly a ‘mobile Firefox’ in the way we previously thought. But it is very interesting indeed. Best of all, the first versions of the tool are now available to try, so once we’ve given them a thorough testing, expect to see a full review here!

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