MS Office for Mac 2011 released October 26

Microsoft have announced the official launch of MS Office for Mac 2011 will be on October 26th. You can already place preorders at if you want to be one of the first to own it.

Since pretty much everything is already known about the suite (we took a look at the Beta version back in April) Microsoft have chosen to focus the release news on what it calls “one of the most visually impactful features in the new suite” called Dynamic Reorder. The feature gives you the ability to interactively re-order all of the layers in a document or presentation. They also remind Office fans that:

The new suite also introduces a new view in Word 2011, Full Screen view which has two views: one optimized for writing and the other for reading. Allowing you to block out the distractions and focus on putting your idea on paper.

Microsoft also claim that launching Office components is also now much faster although I didn’t notice much difference with the Beta version. The addition of Outlook though is long overdue and it will be interesting to see if this important piece of the jigsaw in the suite will encourage more Outlook users on Windows to switch to Mac.

Check-out Microsoft’s (kind of cheesy) latest preview video of the major features of MS Office 2011 for Mac.


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