MUGEN gives life to original 2D games

MUGEN gives life to original 2D games

MUGEN is a piece of software which is treasured by a significant part of the gaming community. This 2D gaming engine created in 1999 allows you to create your own levels, characters and game objects thanks to a set of interpreted text files, graphics and sound compilations. It has spawned a multitude of fighting games and original characters and even a number of wildly surrealist mashups just like Godzilla vs The Mushroom Kingdom:


Real 2D fighting games with a proper choice of characters and levels are also around to show that MUGEN is not just a tool for mad experiments. Brutal Paws of Fury and Dragon Ball Z are two excellent examples of games that have been built using the MUGEN game engine. Brutal Paws of Fury is already considered a classic among the MUGEN community. Similar to Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter the game’s real originality comes from the cartoonish feline characters you can select. You can play 2-player tag team or 4-player all-out fights, both modes featuring excellent graphics and sound effects.

Dragon Ball Z is based on the world famous manga and features all of the characters in the series. You can engage in thrilling fights and use all the special powers that characters like San Goku or Chibi Trunks harness. A little trip on You Tube unveiled this video of what a fight between dedicated MUGEN users looks like:


Whether you’re looking to launch your very own 2D fighting game and characters or if you’re just looking for a combat game that stands out from the rest, you should definitely take a look at what the MUGEN community is stirring up.

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