Muso lets you browse and sort your music collection

Muso lets you browse and sort your music collection

With the majority of your music stored on your computer nowadays, it’s easy to see how your music library can quickly become a disorganized mess. Songs might not have the right title or artist information, or you might even have duplicates. How do you find the tracks you want, when you want to find them? That’s where Muso comes in!

Muso is an organizational tool for your digital music collection. It’s not a music player, nor is it a playlist manager. Instead, think of it as an alternative user interface to manage the music on your PC.

Start by importing your music into Muso. You can do this by either selecting individual folders or files on your hard drive or an actual music player’s library. Muso currently supports iTunes, Winamp and Logitech Squeezebox devices, from which it can both import and play music. You can browse your music collection on Muso by complete albums or individual songs, as well as filter your music by artist, year and rating.

What makes Muso really stand out is its advanced tagging system, which lets users describe their songs and albums as they choose, including by mood. If you’re interested in more than just sorting and browsing through your music collection, Muso also has detailed information about the artists, plus album art that’s been downloaded from, Wikipedia and Amazon.

Muso is offered free as a 30 day trial, after which users must pay purchase either an annual or unlimited license to continue using the software. If you’re looking for a new way to keep track of all of the music in your library, Muso just might be the tool you’ve been searching for!

How do you organize your digital music collection? If you use a program, which one is it and how does it help you most?

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