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14 must-have Chrome extensions for Tumblr

14 must-have Chrome extensions for Tumblr
Briana Wine

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Tumblr’s certainly a fun way to explore online content, but the web browser can be a little limited. Fortunately, Chrome has a lot of great extensions that help you get the most out of your Tumblr experience. Explore our list now to find all the best Chrome extensions for Tumblr.

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Tumblr Savior

Tired of running into random topics you aren’t into? Tumblr Savior is a helpful way to customize the post you see. You can open the add-on’s settings to create a blacklist for specific keywords. There’s also a white list that lets you ensure topics you care about aren’t hidden behind the filter.

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Use the blacklist to hide posts

Tumblr Safe Mode Bypass

Tumbler’s automatic settings tend to flag a lot of content and hide it away behind a filter. This helpful extension helps you get around the error. It will automatically display items covered by the adult content or sensitive media warning.

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Bypass safe mode

Download Tumblr Images

This extension makes it a lot simpler to download images you like on Tumblr. It also offers large resolution images you can’t otherwise access. To use it, you simply right-click on any image you like and select the download raw image option.

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Make it easier to download images

Post to Tumblr

This is Tumblr’s official extension, so you can guarantee it will always work with the site’s new updates. Post to Tumblr is one of the best Chrome extensions for bloggers because it lets you instantly add photos and articles to your Tumblr. If you come across something you like while browsing, you just click the Post button to add it to your blog.

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Post your favorite images with ease

Better Tumblr Video

Frustrated with Tumblr’s super loud or weirdly quiet videos? This extension replaces Tumblr’s very basic video player with a more refined version. Once you have the extension, you can control volume and fast-forward, rewind, or pause videos.

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Adjust the volume on videos

Tumblr Collage

This extension is great for those who visit Tumblr for inspiration. Instead of having to scroll through a clunky list of images, the extension turns all the images into a collage. The extension’s very easy to use too. You just click a button at the top of the page to turn the collage setting on or off.

Tumblr Collage DOWNLOAD
Turn images into a collage

Tumblr Tag Copy

If you write a lot of tags on your post, this is the extension for you. It lets you automatically copy tags when making a post. Tag Copy works seamlessly with Tumblr’s current reblog system. You just click the tag copy button to copy the original tags into your reblogged post before you submit the post.

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Copy tags with ease

Outbox for Tumblr

Have you ever run into issues because you answered an Ask but can’t remember what you said? This handy extension keeps track of all public and private answers you make. One of the great things about this extension is that it saves automatically, and you can view your saved outbox at any time by clicking the icon.

Outbox for Tumblr DOWNLOAD
Store all your asks

Tumblr Optimiser

If you’re a dedicated Tumblr user, you’ve probably noticed that your dash starts to lag after several minutes of scrolling. This extension aims to optimize Tumblr and reduce lag. It works by unloading images you’ve already viewed. Once you add this extension, it runs in the background and doesn’t require any input from you.

Tumblr Optimiser DOWNLOAD
Reduce loading times

Tumblr Load HiRes Images

When you come across a Tumblr image you love, this extension ensures you see it in high definition. The app removes Tumblr’s limits on an image’s size, so you can see its original version. To use this extension, just pick an image, right-click, and select the Open image in a new tab option. The extension will then automatically load the biggest size it can find.

Tumblr Load HiRes Images DOWNLOAD
Open high-res images

Old Tumblr Dashboard

Miss the look of the older version of Tumblr? This Tumblr Chrome extension brings back that nostalgic design. After you get this extension in place, you can reload Tumblr to view the original dashboard with its blue-gray screen, wider text box, and less saturated icons.

Old Tumblr Dashboard DOWNLOAD
Use the older dashboard version

Infinite Scroll Blocker

This helpful extension works on a variety of websites including Tumblr. It helps stop you from accidentally scrolling down the page. This extension lets you choose which sites the extension affects, so you can decide whether or not sites besides Tumblr should be affected.

Infinite Scroll Blocker DOWNLOAD
Avoid infinite scrolling

Tumbler Shimeji – Kagamine Rin

If you want a cute, quirky addition to your Tumblr dashboard, consider this virtual pet. When you enable this extension, a small Kagamine Rin mascot will move around your screen as you use Tumblr. The cute little icon will peek out from behind posts and dance along the top of images, and you can use your cursor to move her around the screen.

Tumblr Shimeji - Kagamine Rin DOWNLOAD
Get cute mascots

Tumblr – Tiled Dashboard

Browse Tumblr in a whole new way with this extension. The Chrome extension Tumblr dashboard creates a tiled page similar to Tumblr’s Explore page. Using this extension lets you see more posts at once. It makes it much quicker to see what all the people you follow are posting. This extension offers a settings page that you can use to adjust the number of posts displayed.

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