MWC 2013: Opera to release new browser for Android

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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Softonic-MobileWorld-Congress-2013Opera is set to release a new version of Opera Mobile for Android, simply called Opera. This will be a completely redesigned browser from the Norwegian company that focuses on a modern interface and performance.

The new Opera bears a striking resemblance the current Google Chrome browser for Android. There is an address bar at the top with a button to access tabs as well as other Opera features. Tabs show up as cards with thumbnails for each site, making it easy to locate specific tabs. Tabs flow with a slick animation, something Chrome users will be familiar with.

There’s also an all new “Discover” tab where users can find news content. You can customize categories of news for a personalized feed.

“Speed Dial” makes a return, giving users quick access to their most visited sites. You can create folders of bookmarks to treat them more like web applications.

In terms of performance, the new Opera will also include bandwidth optimizations like its desktop and Opera Mini browsers. This is great for those who want to conserve bandwidth while browsing the web on the go. This feature is called “Off-Road” mode and will give information about how much data you’ve saved with it enabled. Opera recently purchased the mobile browser company, Skyfire, so video compression should be right around the corner.

There’s no word yet if the new browser will make its way onto iOS but it would be safe to assume it would, as Opera just embraced WebKit.

Check out the pictures below to see how the new Opera looks.

Opera Mobile 1

Opera Mobile discover tab

Opera Mobile tabs

Opera Mobile speed dial

Opera Mobile settings

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