MWC 2023: The iconic Motorola Rizr is reborn – with a futuristic roll-up screen that will blow your mind

Although still a prototype, Motorola has brought back the Rizr and given it a "roll-up" display.

MWC 2023: The iconic Motorola Rizr is reborn – with a futuristic roll-up screen that will blow your mind
María López

María López

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If you’re a millennial, you may have fond memories of the popular Motorola Razr, a clamshell phone that holds the record for being the best-selling cell phone in Europe in 2005. After that came the Rizr, which while not as popular as the former, was also loved by many. Both devices shared several key design cues, but the Rizr was distinguished by having a sliding physical keyboard under the screen.

Much has rained since then and after the resurrection of the Razr as a foldable phone, Motorola has decided to bring back the Rizr to Mobile World Congress. The Lenovo-owned brand has presented at the event a concept phone that takes the idea of the original Rizr but with a rollable screen.

The truth is that we had seen this concept before, but only in prototypes. By default, we have a panel with a 15:9 aspect ratio that can be expanded to 6.5 inches and go to 22:9. Of course, this is quite an impressive device and serves one purpose: to test the public’s reaction to it. These types of concept products gauge general interest and also show what the manufacturer is cooking up behind the scenes.

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What does the new Motorola Rizr look like?

Holding it in hand, we can appreciate that it is a small and compact device. Its display is POLED (a plastic OLED with a lot of flexibility) and the Android interface adapts automatically by extending the screen to 6.5 inches.

As it is a prototype, it is not certain that we will see the Motorola Rizr on the market, at least in the short term. However, the Rizr presented by Lenovo would have many chances to become a reality, although it still has several challenges ahead: its resistance and reliability.

Until we have a Rizr in our hands, the manufacturer must ensure that the lifetime of these screens is long and that they do not tend to fail on a daily basis. Even so, if we take into account the release of other models such as the Galaxy Z Fold or the OPPO Find N2 Flip, it seems that flexible screens still have a lot to prove.

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