New mobile only email launched by

New mobile only email launched by has launched an new mobile only email service that uses the domain name. You can download the myMail app and sign up for a free email account. It is only accessible through mobile apps, and uses codes sent via SMS when you need to sign in, instead of passwords.

A myMail account gives you 150GB of free storage, and can be accessed using the myMail app, which was launched in November 2013, for Android and iOS. You can also use this app to sync with your current email accounts.

The unusual thing about email is that you don’t need a password. Mail.Ru CEO Dmitry Grishin said he wanted to look at email with a fresh perspective, and one of their conclusions was ‘no passwords.’

As almost 50% of email is now checked from a mobile device, myMail decided that it could be tied to your device like WhatsApp. When you sign up for an account, you supply your phone number. You then get a code to sign into your app, and any subsequent time you want to sign in, you will be sent another code. says this is more secure than a traditional password, and will keep you safe from phishing and hacking scams. All email traffic going through myMail is also encrypted.

While myMail takes a different approach to security, it’s worth remembering that as with all free services, there is a hidden cost, and that is how the company uses your data.

You can sign up for a myMail app through the Android and iOS apps.


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