My Top 5 PC games for 2010

My Top 5 PC games for 2010

Despite pronouncements of its death, PC gaming still seems to be alive and kicking, even if the consoles get all the headlines! Here’s my pick of 5 games that are worth getting excited about this year.

BioShock 2: One of the most impressive and decisive games of recent years returns, this time putting you in the enormous shoes of a Big Daddy. These huge beasts from the first game look really mean, but it’ll be interesting to see how developers Take Two make that experience as gripping as the shocking first game was.

Mass Effect 2: The sprawling space opera of Mass Effect continues in it’s sequel, released later this month. This action role play promises improved combat and enemy AI, as well as an even more involving storyline that will have you racing around the galaxy once more.

Mafia 2: The wait for a sequel to the 2002 original has certainly been a long one! Taking us back to a fictional city in the US, between 1945-55, Mafia 2 certainly looks beautiful. Crime, car chases and shooting never get old, but will the traditional story of rising through the ranks be interesting in 2010?

Star Trek Online: With last years movie invigorating the franchise, the time is just right for this space MMO. It doesn’t need selling to fans – you get to captain your own Starship, boldly trekking the universe for adventure. The universe will of course be huge, and full of planets, and enemies to engage. It’ll be interesting to see how Star Trek Online fares, as there are not many space based MMOs around today.

APB: Set in a crime ridden imaginary city, San Pero, APB (All Points Bulletin) is an interesting take on multiplayer games – you will play in a city with 99 other players (not thousands, like World of Warcraft). For me, however, it’s the idea of a persistent GTA-like city to roam around creating criminal mayhem that’s attractive. Whether this turns out to be as cool as it sounds is difficult to predict, but its design has been led by the creator of the original GTA, so it could be fantasitic

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