Goldeneye 007 and other N64 classics could be coming back to your living room

Last year around this time, in the run-up to E3, certain Nintendo patents were doing the rounds on the internet. The patents back then were for the SNES mini-classic. Nintendo officially announced the retro console mere weeks after the patents started showing up everywhere. This is all relevant because now we have new Nintendo patents popping up all over the internet, and this time they’re indicating that an N64 Classic Edition retro console could be on the way.

Image via: Japanese Nintendo

The discovery of these latest Nintendo patents comes from the guys at the Japanese Nintendo fan site.  They found a trademark application in Japan for the N64. There isn’t much more information regarding the N64 on the application, but the timing of the discovery and the historical precedent indicates a new retro Nintendo console could be on the way.

If there is a new Nintendo console on the way, the logical time we’ll get an official announcement will be Nintendo’s live E3 stream. You’ll find all details of the Nintendo event, which will be taking place on June 12, here.

Without any official announcement, we can’t tell you what games will be on the N64 mini, but we can tell you what we’d like to see. Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Super Smash Bros. are all classics in our eyes. If Nintendo releases a mini console with those games included, we’ll be hard-pressed not to get involved and hook one up in the office.

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