Need a taxi? Now you can book one from Google Maps!

Need a taxi? Now you can book one from Google Maps!

The famous application from Google just got even more useful and has teamed up with various taxi companies (location depending), and now allows you to book a taxi straight from the platform – and it’s so darn simple!

All you have to do is click on the taxi icon when choosing your ideal route (where you would normally find car route, public transport route or walking distance etc. Once clicked, you are shown just how long the taxi will take to arrive to your location, and the average cost of your trip.

Holger Flier, software engineer at Google Maps wrote in the Google blog: “When you search for directions using Google Maps on your mobile device, we’ll show you a dedicated tab with information for ride services, in addition to the existing car, transit, walking, or biking options you’re familiar with.”

For the time being, this feature is only available on the updated version of the Android app, but we can expect to see it on iOS shortly!

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