Need to sue a company? There’s an app for that

Sometimes the world isn’t fair. Sometimes bad things happen that aren’t your fault and you still have to pay for them. Whether it’s a mistaken parking ticket, an unhelpful insurance broker, or a dodgy broken gadget that you literally just bought, there are plenty of ways the modern world can knock you down. If you can afford it, a lawyer could try to help you solve some of these problems. Most of us don’t have that option. Now though, there is an app to help us out when things aren’t fair.

AI-powered robot lawyer DoNotPay now has its own iOS app to help people sue for damages, refunds, and ticket cancellations

The legal aid bot DoNotPay started its life in the UK fighting unfair parking fines. Last year, DoNotPay expanded aggressively to cover all 50 U.S. states, too. As well as a larger jurisdiction, the expansion also saw DoNotPay taking on an increased caseload on issues including consumer and workplace rights.

Robot lawyer app donotpay
DoNotPay has been a succesful web app for quite some time

The bot has worked quite successfully online ever since. It looks similar to a standard search bar, but when users input their legal query, they’re shown a number of different ways that DoNotPay can help them solve their legal issues. With even the most basic of legal services (like drafting official letters of complaint) costing hundreds of dollars, a free virtual lawyer opens legal services to many more people.

Now DoNotPay’s services are being brought to your mobile via a brand-new free app that promises to give you the power to “Sue Anyone By Pressing The Button.” The DoNotPay app is available now on iOS.

The app works similarly to DoNotPay’s webpage. It will ask you questions relating to your legal issue and then draw up official documents that fit your particular situation. All you have to do then is print the letter and send it off, per the instructions given on the app. Then you’re a plaintiff in your very own case! What is even more impressive is that if you do have to go to court in person, the app will give you a script to read out. There is no need to have a lawyer standing next to you, you can do it yourself.

The creator of the new DoNotPay app, Joshua Browder states that user privacy is of paramount importance. All user data is protected by 256-bit encryption and DoNotPay doesn’t share any details with third parties. At the moment, the app is being funded by seed funding and small donations. Browder believes that his app is a tool for the little guy to fight back against the man. He wants all basic legal services to remain free but recognizes that in the future the app might need to charge for more advanced case-specific advice.

The figures are quite impressive too. DoNotPay has helped users recoup over $16 million in disputed parking fines. This works out at an average success rate of around 50% with an average payout of $7,000. Not bad at all for a free app.

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