NERO on the Go: Mobile Apps in NERO Burning ROM

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Nero Burning ROM is already a powerful utility, but it can be expanded to do even more when you use mobile apps. Nero provides a variety of different apps to extend the capabilities of your mobile devices, allowing you to utilize enhanced features on the go.

Nero Streaming Player App

NERO on the Go: Mobile Apps in NERO Burning ROM

With the Streaming Player App, you can stream music and other media from your smartphone or other mobile device to your television or other Wi-Fi-enabled players. This is helpful not only because it allows you to stream media wherever you go, but you also don’t have to transfer and save media files on all of your devices. This frees up storage and provides the ability to share media with friends and family while away from home. Another advantage to using Nero Streaming App Player is that it can be accessed to become a wireless remote and player on PC.

Nero AirBurn App

In the past, if you wanted to burn media to a disc, that media had to be physically on your PC. When you use Nero AirBurn however, you can burn media from your mobile device to a disc on your PC without having to physically transfer the data. This means that you can not only burn your own media at home, but you can also share media with friends without having to load the songs or videos onto their PCs. All you have to do is load up the Nero AirBurn app, connect to the desired PC, and select the media you want to burn to disc.

Nero Manual Apps

With Nero Manual Apps, you get expert tips and tricks for all of your media projects. Manual Apps provides information for getting the best results when burning media and when using other Nero products, including Nero Express and Nero MediaHome. Because Manual Apps can be accessed on the go, you can get updated information from anywhere.

Nero MediaHome

Speaking of Nero MediaHome, you can use this app to sync your media between your PC and your mobile devices. This means that you’ll have access to your favorite songs, pictures, and videos when using MediaHome through a Wi-Fi connection. You also gain storage space on your mobile devices because you won’t have to keep copies of your media. Instead, you simply sync your mobile device and then access your media from your home PC. Nero MediaHome makes the process fast and easy!

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Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team

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