Is Apple TV+ the New Netflix Killer? Find out the Advantages of Ted Lasso’s Streaming Platform

Why should you unsubscribe from Netflix and subscribe to Apple TV+?

Is Apple TV+ the New Netflix Killer? Find out the Advantages of Ted Lasso’s Streaming Platform
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

The war of the streaming platforms is reaching its peak, and at this moment it is up to the public to decide. When there were only Netflix and HBO (and if you hurry Amazon Prime Video) it was easy to have it all, because in the end the economic outlay was not so high. But with so much on offer nowadays, it’s time to decide for the best.


As a summary, in addition to those already mentioned, the Spanish catalog includes other platforms such as Disney+, Filmin, Movistar+, AtresPlayer Premium and the new SkyShowtime. But there is also an international platform that is gradually gaining ground among the main ones and could be the key to the future of streaming: Apple TV+.

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Why unsubscribe from Netflix?

Before signing up for a platform, it is usual for the user to stop belonging to another one. There will be those who are so fond of movies and movies that they want them all, but for the common mortals, time does not allow us to do so much. Therefore, it would be necessary to think about which one to discard before subscribing to another one. And in this case the answer seems obvious: Netflix.

There are already many who have shared, in recent weeks, the hashtag #AdiósNetflix on social networks. The reason is very clear: it has blocked the ability to share accounts. While on any other platform you can still give your password to friends and family, and thus together see the entire catalog, in the case of Netflix everything has changed.


The VOD service announced a few months ago that it would begin to apply restrictions for people sharing their accounts, and this policy has already begun to be implemented in several countries, including Spain. Now, if you want to share an account with someone, you have to have one of the two more expensive packs and, in addition, pay an extra six euros per month. As a result, many are deciding to give up Netflix.

Netflix sorprende a todos los fans de Élite y presenta el tráiler de su  cuarta temporada

This may lead to the condemnation of the platform. Its shares as a company have already fallen, and in Spain up to 61% of all Netflix users shared an account, so there may be a massive drop in its users. If this happens, it could enter a crisis never seen before for the company led by Ted Sarandos.

In addition, there are several other reasons that may be lowering the platform’s reputation. The first of these is the decline in the quality of its series. And for proof, the latest controversy that has arisen recently. Jaime Vaca, showrunner of Elite seasons 4, 5,6 and 7, posted a tweet in which he openly criticized the pace of The Last of Us:

Quickly, he began to be showered with criticism of all kinds. Evidently, he was messing with the best series of the year, from HBO Max, according to many critics. But the public also took the opportunity to denounce the poor quality of the series he directs, which according to many makes Netflix look like the height of bitumen and is sold to a teenage audience that should not represent its majority.

Sense8 | Sitio oficial de Netflix

This controversy has been the icing on a cake that had been brewing for some time. Not only for Elite but for many other series and movies that Netflix has been releasing over the years, and that has left the prestige of the platform on the floor.

In addition to this, there are the multiple cancellations that Netflix has been making in its series for years. From Sense8 to Cowboy Bebop through The Midnight Club, there are many series that the platform has canceled despite having a devoted audience.

But the biggest reason why many are considering leaving Netflix is because of its price. It is the most expensive international VOD platform. With what its Premium version costs (which now only one person can have) you can pay for Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney Plus. Therefore, it seems the right time to look at other alternatives.

Servant - AppleTV+ Press (ES)

Apple TV+: the new Netflix?

Beyond the competitors that have been playing the streaming battle against Netflix for years, the Apple TV+ platform seems to be one of the juiciest alternatives for subscribers. Although it started off rather humbly, it has been gaining momentum and has a tone quite similar to that of Netflix.

One of the most obvious reasons for the quality of Apple TV+ is in its catalog. The platform has several very interesting original productions. The most striking of them all is Ted Lasso. The series starring Jason Sudeikis will soon reach its Third Season, and has become one of the most interesting American hits of recent years.


The sitcom follows the story of Ted Lasso, an American soccer coach who switches to traditional soccer when he is hired in the Premier League. In the last two seasons, the protagonist has charmed everyone with his charisma and good humor, and it seems that he will continue to do so in the future.

La serpiente de Essex: La serie de Apple TV + que conjuga drama y misterio  con creencias populares

But this is only the tip of the iceberg of a very interesting platform. Apple TV+ has other fictions that make it stand out from the rest of the platforms, such as Servant, Apariencias, La serpiente de Essex, Slow Horses or Para toda la humanidad.

The series are also reminiscent of Netflix’s first big hits, when the platform attracted attention for being the creator of House of Cards, Black Mirror (even though it bought it) or Stranger Things. That’s why many Netflix subscribers could end up landing on Apple TV+.

Not content to stop there, Apple TV+ is also taking over many events. It has already collaborated with the Superbowl, will broadcast Eurovision internationally and is negotiating NBA rights. So, the plans are for the long term and are here to stay.

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