Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV… where can I watch the series nominated for the Bafta TV Awards?

Find out where to watch the nominated series at the Bafta TV Awards

Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV… where can I watch the series nominated for the Bafta TV Awards?
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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The series nominated for the Bafta TV Awards, the awards given by the British television academy that honors the best of the year, have already been released. And, although many of them are known by most, many others have left the public with their mouths open.

“Where can I watch this series?”, “Has this series premiered yet?”, “Why didn’t I know about this series?” are questions that keep coming up when we see the nominations for these awards. And the fact is that, being awarded by the British academy, many have not left its borders -or the borders of the United States-.

Fictions such as Sherwood, Somewhere Boy, Anne or Without Sin have not yet landed in our borders. However, many other series can be seen on the platforms available in Spain. Therefore, we leave you with a compilation of the series nominated for the main categories of the Bafta TV Awards that you can watch on different platforms.

Series available on Netflix

Despite being in a somewhat troubled moment, the streaming platform par excellence (Netflix) continues to lead the market. On this occasion, it proves it with up to six series that have sneaked into the different categories at the Bafta Awards. Many of them you have surely already seen.


The series starring Evan Peters in which the actor plays the murderer Jeffrey Dahmer continues to accumulate awards. Not only has it become the most watched series on the platform at the time, but it has won the Golden Globe for best actor and can now repeat as best international series.


Although Jenna Ortega wants to continue the series leaving aside so much romanticism and focusing more on blood, the fiction directed by Tim Burton has been a success with audiences and critics. It is also competing for best international series at the Bafta Awards. And it has a good chance of winning it.

The Crown

The majestic series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II has not gone unnoticed in the year of her death. It is nominated for two awards, as best lead actress for Imelda Staunton and best supporting actor for Salim Daw. There is certainly a lot to learn from her acting skills.

Cunk on Earth

This mini-series in mockumentary format follows the journey of mankind from prehistoric times to the present day, always from a humorous and satire-filled perspective directed by comedian Philomena Cunk. She is nominated, of course, for best actress in a comedy series.

Derry Girls

The Netflix series about a group of teenage friends in the 1990s has been winning over audiences and critics since 2018. Between nostalgia and comedy, Derry Girls counts two nominations: best comedy screenplay and best leading actress in comedy.

Top Boy

The crime series about drug trafficking in London won over critics when it premiered, and the second season has put it back on the radar. It has two supporting actress nominations for the roles of Jasmine Jobson and Saffron Hocking.

Series available on AppleTV+

Another platform that was repeated a lot at the awards was Apple TV+, the VOD service that could end up killing Netflix. It has already been standing out for years thanks to its new series, and the BAFTA TV Awards have valued it positively.

Bad Sisters

Nominated for best drama series, this fiction tells the story of the Garvey sisters, who come together after the untimely death of their parents and the promises they made to always protect each other. Anne-Marie Duff has also been nominated for best supporting actress.


A big surprise of the year was the triumph of Pachinko, which received a nomination for best international series. The series focuses on telling the story of four generations of Korean immigrants, and is set between Korea, the United States and Japan.

Slow Horses

It is one of the best series of the year, and we have summarized why you should watch it in a separate article. It features a sublime performance by Gary Oldman and a story centered on MI5’s most marginalized squad.

Black Bird

In this miniseries inspired by true events, Taron Egerton plays Jimmy Keene, a star high school soccer player and son of a decorated cop who is sentenced to 10 years in prison. But he is given a chance to save himself: enter a maximum security prison and befriend Larry Hall, a deranged alleged serial killer, to get a confession.

Series available on HBO Max

HBO Max continues to accumulate awards thanks to its good work in fiction series. While we wait for The Last of Us to get dozens of statuettes next year, for the moment the platform has managed to place several of its fictions as Bafta nominees.

The White Lotus

There is little we can say about The White Lotus that we haven’t already said. This two-season series is the perfect summary of the Eat The Rich trope, and features spectacular performances led by the wonderful Jennifer Coolidge. It has earned a Best International Series nomination and a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Will Sharpe.


This landmark series tells the story of chef Julia Child, a pioneer of television cooking shows and a benchmark for everything that came after. The protagonist, Sarah Lancashire, has earned a nomination for best actress.

The English

This period series transports us to 1890s America to meet Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt), a wealthy woman from England who must cross a violent landscape built on dreams and blood. A gripping western like few others. Chaske Spencer has earned a nomination for Best Actor.

The Outlaws

The Outlaws follows seven strangers who are forced to serve a community service sentence in Bristol. As their new and unlikely friendships intersect, the protagonists must band together to protect one of their own from the most dangerous criminal gang in the place. The series has earned a nomination thanks to Stephen Merchant for Best Actor in a Comedy.

Series available on Disney Plus

Disney+ has also not been left behind and has placed four of its series in the main categories of the Bafta TV Awards. Some of them, such as The Bear, were expected, but there are also surprises.

The Bear

One of the best series of the year and a great surprise for Disney+ is this fiction that follows Carmy, a young haute cuisine chef who starts running his family’s Italian beef sandwich house after his brother’s suicide. It has a nomination for best international series.


This 5-episode French miniseries recounts the real events that led to the death of Malik Oussekine. On December 5, 1986, Oussekine died, at the age of 22, from a beating by the police. It is also nominated for best international series.

What We Do in the Shadows

Stemming from Taika Waititi’s original film, this comedy also produced by the director tells the story of how vampires coexist in today’s world. Now in its fourth season, it is available on both Disney+ and HBO Max.


A nice surprise for Disney+ has been the selection of Andor, one of its best Star Wars series -respecting the distances with The Mandalorian– at the Bafta. Specifically, it has scored a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Fiona Shaw.

Series available in Movistar Plus

A platform that usually picks up some very interesting international series is Movistar+. On this occasion, up to three of its series exported to Spain have achieved award nominations.

Movistar+ DOWNLOAD
The Responder

With four nominations, this fiction is one of the favorites to win best series at the Bafta TV Awards. Starring Martin Freeman, it tells the story of an unconventional, morally compromised emergency police officer who faces a series of night shifts on the dangerous streets of Liverpool.

This Is Going to Hurt

Set in a delivery room but with a comedic tone, This Is Going to Hurt offers a depiction of the life of a junior doctor in a hospital, and the cost of the work one takes home. It is nominated for best miniseries and best actor (Ben Whishaw).

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

A big surprise this year was this unconventional biopic musical series starring Daniel Radcliffe. It tells the story of Yankovic, from child prodigy to musical legend. Radcliffe is nominated for best comedy actor.

Series available on Amazon Prime Video – Peaky Blinders

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On this occasion, Amazon Prime Video did not get many nominations, but the most striking of all: Peaky Blinders. Cillian Murphy got the nomination for best actor for his performance in the last season of the series. And everything points to him getting it as a tribute to everything he has achieved in recent years.

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