Netflix fills up with romantic series and movies to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Netflix Releases for the week of February 14

Netflix fills up with romantic series and movies to celebrate Valentine’s Day
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

It’s Valentine’s Day and Netflix knows it. If in the past the perfect plan for these dates was to go out to dinner at a restaurant, now it has become ordering something at home and watching a movie or series together, something popularized in the United States as Netflix & Chill.

And as Netflix knows that it has to rise to the occasion, especially after the latest controversies that are generating their policies of use and cancellations, has decided to bet it all on Valentine’s Day with new romantic premieres. Here are some of the most outstanding ones.


Romantic Netflix releases for Valentine’s Day

Squared Love All Over Again

From Poland comes a romantic comedy about the relationship between a famous journalist and a humble teacher. The connection between the two begins to fray when work gets in the way of their lives. But both will have to hold on to the strength of love to stay together.

In love all over again

In this case, it is a romantic series starring Georgina Amorós (Código Emperador, Élite). Directed by Carlos Montero, creator of Élite, it has a much whiter story than his other series, in the form of a romantic comedy full of youthful tenderness.

A Sunday Affair

Longtime friends Uche and Toyin fall in love with the same complicated man, testing their loyalty to each other as they face a devastating revelation. This film from the creators of The Wedding Party has all the makings of a classic romantic comedy, but is actually more of a dramedy.

Between love and friendship | Sitio oficial de Netflix
The Romantics

This title actually has a bit of a catch to it. The Romantics is an Indian docuseries about Yasi Chopra, a Bollywood filmmaker who passed away in 2012 and left behind a huge legacy of films, memories and experiences.

The Romantics | Sitio oficial de Netflix

Other Netflix premieres of the week

Netflix will not only release romantic stuff this week. It will also release some productions of other styles throughout the week, especially on February 15. We leave you with the list of premieres:

  • Re/Member (movie) – Feb. 14
  • Jim Jefferies: High n’ Dry (stand-up comedy show) – Feb. 14
  • Red Rose (series) – February 15
  • Full Swing (series) – February 15
  • Eva Lasting (series) – February 15
  • #NoFilter (series) – February 15
  • African Queens: Njinga (documentary) – February 15
  • The Law According to Lidia Poët (series) – February 15
  • Aggretsuko Season 5 (series) – February 16
  • The Upshaw Family Season 3 (series) – February 16
  • The Upshaw Family Season 2 (series) – Feb. 17
  • A Girl and an Astronaut (series) – Feb. 17
  • Unlocked (movie) – February 17
  • Palermo Division (series) – February 17
  • Whindersson Nunes: Preaching to the Choir (stand-up comedy show) – February 19
Juan Carlos Saloz

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