Do not use all your data again

Do not use all your data again

We all run out of data once in a while. Often at the worst of times.

Whether you’re trying to message friends, send your boss an important picture, or just watch a video of your child’s first steps – that “connection lost” message hurts.

There are so many data plans to choose from, too – all with their own limits and prices – so it’s difficult knowing exactly how much you can use and when. Just watching a 3 minute YouTube video uses up to 25MB, and with most social media apps now autoplaying videos and autoloading pictures, you can use up your monthly allowance in days.

But Databack can help.

Databack is a free app that saves up to 25% of your monthly data, whether you’re on a 2G, 3G, or 4G plan. You can think of it a loyalty reward scheme: you use your favourite apps as normal and earn some of the data back. Once you’ve saved a minimum of 150 MB, you can top up your data plan, keeping you online for longer.

You’ve probably experienced the slow, intermittent connections of 2G and 3G. They’re weak, don’t always work indoors, and take longer to connect. 4G is ideal for mobile internet, but the plans can be expensive if you use the internet a lot. But with Databack, you don’t need to choose between speed and data – just select a cheaper 4G plan and top up with the FREE data you earn through the app.

And there are other ways to earn free data, too. Refer a friend or family member and they’ll give you up to 100 MB for each person who joins. They also offer daily competitions, including a “spin the wheel” game where you can win up to 50 MB, and you get a 5 MB joining bonus when you sign up.

You’ll want to keep an eye on your data, and Databack includes a live tracker which shows you exactly how much data your apps are using, and how much you’ve earned. This means you can spot those data-hungry apps before they use up all your allowance, or request a top up to keep on surfing. There’s also a speed test so you can test the connection in your area, and choose the right speed and data plan for you.

So if you find yourself running out of data, or counting MBs every time you go online, give Databack a try. It’s completely FREE and gives you peace of mind when there’s no wifi. So go on – do yourself a favour and download Databack today.


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