New and classic games to enjoy this fall

New and classic games to enjoy this fall

It’s been a really fun week on insideTonic, for one reason alone: Games! Yes, perhaps as an antidote to the falling leaves and temperatures, we’ve been getting really stuck into gaming again… and loving it!

While the biggest games story of the week is undoubtedly Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (see our Game of the Week, below), we’ve been experimenting with a huge variety of game-styles to find the best in each genre for you, the user. Check out Cyril’s analysis of the best restaurant and bar management games – genres you probably didn’t even know existed!

Tony took some time out to put together a list of the craziest animal-related games for mobile phones and PDAs (compatible with most operating systems), before setting off for Egypt to try his hand at archaeology in Atlantis Redux. Continuing the Egypt theme, I had a look at A Tale In The Desert, a multiplayer online game set in the age of the Pharaohs (and that was while I wasn’t tinkering with Shadow President, an amazing Abandonware classic).

If you’re not a gaming nut like us, we’ve still got loads of great free software to try. Take a look at Elena’s analysis of the latest free office suite, from computing giant IBM. Could Microsoft be in big trouble? And finally, Nick continues in his quest for optimal internet connectivity: check out his compendium of the 10 best internet accelerators on Softonic.

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