New Blogger Beta slowly being phased-in

New Blogger Beta slowly being phased-in

bloggerbeta.gifJust like the recently added support for reviewing other non-Gmail mailboxes from your loved Gmail interface, Google is slowly allowing old Blogger users to switch to the brand new Blogger beta. So, if you are amongst the chosen ones, congrats! You’ll see a small blue box in the sidebar of your sideboard, ready to help you through the whole process. And if not, well, you can always start a new blog from scratch and later on, merge this account with your original Blogger account.

The first important change is that, from now on, you’ll be using your Google account to enter Blogger. It seems that more and more services (e-mail, blog, chat, RSS feeds, web analytics, docs…) are getting integrated under this single account, until finally one day everything will be google-ized…

Now, back the point. The new Blogger Beta allows users to change their templates even more easily, without the hassle of HTML. The blog’s layout, in fact, can be modified by simply dragging and dropping elements on the editor interface. It also includes the long-awaited categories (labels) to organize posts more efficiently. Also, the dashboard has been redesigned to ease blog managing and maintenance.

Beside all these exciting new features, chances are that somewhere in the near future Blogger will produce RSS enclosures and also allow direct video uploading to blogs, as a result, I reckon, of Google’s recently acquired toy.

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