Android 4.4.3 could have a new dialer interface

Android 4.4.3 could have a new dialer interface

The next update to the Android operating system, 4.4.3 is in development, and one persistent rumor about it is a redesign of the dialer.

The concept for the new dialer is to make it look more in line with other Google apps, which means a new look interface. So the new dialer will use colors to differentiate contact cards unless the contact has a photo, and gets a new blue bar for making calls and accessing call history.

This design is a huge change, and it’s a surprise that it might be included in 4.4.3, which we would not expect to be a major update for Android.

Although there have been no official announcements about Android 4.4.3, it’s expected that the Nexus family of devices will be first to receive it.


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