New emoji and emoticons for Google Hangouts

New emoji and emoticons for Google Hangouts

One of the things we liked most about Google Hangouts, Google’s new messaging app, are the emoticons and emojis. They’re unique, cute and well-designed, so it’s easy to find and recognize them.

Just like in Whatsapp, Google Hangouts’ emoticons are divided into categories: classic emoticons and gestures, special occasions and activities, the natural world, the urban world and abstract icons.

New emoticons for Google Hangouts

If you want to check them all out – and there are lots! – have a look at the following tables we’ve made up for you. Since we’re on the subject, though, we want to know – what app do you think has the nicest emoticons?

1. Moods, people and gestures

2. Everyday objects, events and parties

3. The natural world and weather

4. Technology, transport and communication

5. Symbols, signs and posters

What do you think of these smileys? Awesomely cute or a waste of time?!

Via Softonic ES

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