New features in VLC media player 1.0

It’s not officially published on their website yet, but it seems that VLC media player 1.0 RC is about to be released. At least that’s what we can infer from the fact that the news has been leaked across the Internet and the file is already available to download from FileHippo.

VLC Media Player is about to hit version 1.0

While this is not the official VLC Release Candidate – if you understand “official” as coming from the developer’s website – we just couldn’t resist the temptation to download it and take a look. VLC Player has always been one of our favorite pieces of software and we were eager to see all the new features.

VLC Media Player is about to hit version 1.0

At first sight, as you can see, VLC 1.0 hasn’t changed that much. The program still keeps its characteristic plain interface that makes it really simple to use. But going into detail you’ll notice a slight change in the toolbar layout, with “Playback” now next to “Media”, and an important reorganization in menu layouts, to access certain tools more easily and also include some of VLC’s new utilities.

VLC Media Player is about to hit version 1.0

Among these new features, you’ll find the following:

  • Instantaneous pausing
  • Frame by frame playback
  • Finer playback speed control
  • New and fixed audio and video decoders
  • On-the-fly recording for all media
  • Timeshift for most media
  • On the fly zip file decompression and browsing
  • Support for DVB-S and ATSC cards on Windows
  • Experimental Blu-Ray disc and AVCHD folder support
  • New Blu-Ray Linear PCM decoder
  • Customizable interface controls
  • Global Hotkeys on Windows and Linux
  • Controllable by multimedia keys on modern Apple keyboards (OS X only)
  • Several new and improved decoders, demuxers, encoders, and other codec-related goodies

Besides all these changes, VLC Media Player 1.0 RC still stands out for its main characteristic: the ability to play virtually any media file type you can drop onto it. In the end, this is probably why we love it so much.

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