New version of Nimbuzz hits the iPhone

New version of Nimbuzz hits the iPhone

The new version of Nimbuzz has hit the iPhone App store, which is great news if you’ve been looking to cut down your phone bill, but bad news if you’re the operator of a mobile phone network. We’re big fans of Nimbuzz and the way it lets send instant messages and chat for over Wi-Fi from your iPhone. And it seems the program just keeps getting better, and there are a number of interesting new features in the latest version, Nimbuzz 1.1.0.

Make free iPhone calls

For starters, there’s now a full dial pad for making free calls over WiFi. If you’re hooked up to a wireless network you’ll also be able to use Nimbuzz to make VoIP calls to landlines and mobiles using Skype Out, or another of the support VoIP networks. Even if you’re not in a WiFi zone, you can now make calls to your Nimbuzz buddies using the new dial-up VoIP service. This means that no matter where they are in the World, you’ll only pay the cost of a domestic call.

There’s good news for iPod touch users too, because the new version of Nimbuzz lets you transform your device into an iPhone. You’ll be able to make calls over WiFi using Skype Out, or your VoIP provider (providing you have a headset, of course).

The addition of a slick new landscape chat mode completes the impressive set of changes to Nimbuzz, an app which is starting to become something of a phenomenon.

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