New World of Warcraft expansion announced

Word of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich KingThis has been quite a busy weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center, the location chosen by Blizzard to hold their annual conference. BlizzCon 2007 has come loaded with all kinds of activities and contests for Blizzard fans, besides developers’ keynotes, press conferences and important announcements. But the big news was undoubtedly the launch of a second expansion for World of Warcraft, entitled Wrath of the Lich King.

This new expansion has been announced just seven months after the first one, The Burning Crusade. As its predecessor, it will include a new map (Northrend), new quests and new items, besides raising the top character level up to 80. Players will also be able to customize more aspects of their characters, as well as create a new hero class called Death Knight.

Blizzcon attendees had the privilege to take a sneak peek at the upcoming expansion thanks to the hands-on demo provided by Blizzard. However, according to WoWinsider, this was quite a limited demo that didn’t properly show any of the new game features. So until we can play an actual demo or simply while waiting to buy the expansion, let’s watch the official trailer as a really tasty appetizer.


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