Newest Android phones could be used as credit cards

Newest Android phones could be used as credit cards

androidgingerbread11.jpegThere’s a lot of buzz surrounding the newest version of Google’s eagerly awaited Android release. Code-named Gingerbread, and rumored to be coming a few weeks from now, the latest Android version should offer even more interactivity with the real world.

According to Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, Gingerbread might negate the need to carry your credit cards with you on your next shopping trip. Whenever you walk into a store, Android’s new near-field communication technology will provide relevant information, tailored to the phone’s owner, Schmidt explained at a Web 2.0 Summit yesterday in San Francisco. It also apparently reduces risks like fraud and identity theft, because both the person and the phone must be present while paying for any purchases.

On top of this, Schmidt also described how Gingerbread plans to revolutionize the e-commerce industry. By providing relevant information on nearby stores wherever Android users are, Gingerbread promises to make shopping easier – and its users more informed – as a result.

While this technology does sound incredible and is well worth exploring as an alternate means of payment for your store purchases, I’m not sure it’s any more secure than simply using a credit card. What happens if you misplace your phone? Unfortunately Schmidt did not elaborate on any of Gingerbread’s improved security features at the Web 2.0 Summit.

Still, Gingerbread, if successful, will be an interesting next step in the way its users make purchases.     

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