NewsGator now offers RSS PostRank

NewsGator now offers RSS PostRank

NewsGatorThe makers of the excellent FeedDemon for PC and NetNewsWire for Mac also offer NewsGator, an online news reader which can also be used on your mobile phone or integrated in Microsoft Outlook. NewsGator appeals to people on the go or simply to those of you that don’t necessarily want to have a desktop RSS reader. Personally, I use Google Reader to pick up all my news but if I had to change would probably go for NewsGator.

In a move to improve their online RSS reader, NewsGator Technologies have decided to integrate RSSAide’s PostRank filtering technology to it, which should hopefully “offer more relevant news and social search features to users.”

Back in January, one of the reasons mentioned by NewsGator for making its RSS readers free was to get more attention data from users. While that statement was a little bit difficult to grasp (what do you mean exactly by attention data?), the integration of PostRank is something much more tangible for us to work with. PostRank “suggest(s) relevant articles and feeds to a person based on the social engagement, article ranking and other interactions with the RSS Reader” according to AideRSS CTO Ilya Grigorik. This sounds exciting when you think of it because it means your RSS reader will continue evolving and adapting to what you receive and read. That is one my main reasons for choosing an online reader over a desktop one. We’ll see in the coming months if more users flock from NetNewsWire and FeedDemon to NewsGator and if the integration of PostRank makes the online RSS reader more relevant than its competitors.

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