Nike launches product catalog cleverly disguised as a soccer app

Nike launches product catalog cleverly disguised as a soccer app

Nike is cashing in on World Cup fever by releasing a soccer (or football for the rest of the world) app for Android and iOS. Nike Soccer acts as your hub for all things soccer. Within the app you’ll find news, products, and a unique messenger.

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The most interesting thing about Nike Soccer is how it can be used to manage and connect with your soccer friends, or “crew,” as Nike calls it. You can start game with your crew or join a pick-up game by tapping “I’m in.” The app leverages location services to tell your friends where you’re playing.

The messaging part of the app reminds me of the anonymous social network, Secret. Messages are displayed in their own cards with big text. Nike has its own soccer-themed emojis for you and your friends to use.

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Nike is partnering with athletes to engage users inside the app as well. “Via the Nike Soccer App users will be able to interact with athletes in a variety of ways.”

And of course, you’ll be able to browse and purchase various Nike products from within the app. Nike Soccer is basically a clever shopping catalog disguised as a soccer fan’s dream app. Still, it may be compelling for those who live and breathe the sport.


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