No Man Sky wins back fans with massive update

You may not have played No Man’s Sky, but you’ve probably heard of it. No Man’s Sky was one of the most anticipated games of 2016, having won awards before it had even been released. Unfortunately, much of that excitement was swept away once the game was out. This was largely due to a lack of promised features that the game would have, such as an in-depth multiplayer. Well, after two years, Hello Games has finally released the patch that might deliver on all those promises fans were excited for.

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If you don’t already know, No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival game based on exploring and surviving in the depths of space. Each planet is a unique experience, as the universe is open and massive. This new update is meant to expand the player’s experience past simply solo exploration.

The update is called Next, and actually follows three previous major updates, Atlas Rises, Pathfinder, and Foundation. The trailers, demos, and marketing of No Man’s Sky featured many gameplay elements that were not included in the final release. Each of these updates brought along many of those elements, along with a plethora of updates catering to fans, or fixing problems with the current game. Next seems to be the update that brings some of the final major changes that fans were upset about at release.

The biggest and most noteworthy change is, of course, the inclusion of multiplayer. Players can work together, or play as enemies, allowing for a new and exciting experience. Together, they can build bases and develop teamwork, while also being able to fight each other for resources. Along with this, you’ll be able to customize your character to differentiate between you and your new friends.

While the excitement for the multiplayer is understandable, there are many more benefits from this update that players will be excited to discover. This update allows for a fantastic new experience for both new and returning players by completely overhauling the starting content. Along with this, the graphics and UI have been updated immensely, further developing the update’s approach to new and returning players.

On top of this, practically everything has been improved or touched upon. There are new missions, new base mechanics (they can be built anywhere now!), new freighters, and even new graphic updates that completely change your view of the game.

If you own this game, and were disappointed by the lack of content it had on release, then this is the update for you. So many things have been updated to provide more content, that it the game has become far closer to the anticipated game, rather than what the game was when it actually was released.

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