No money for Netflix? It is time for Butter, the legal version of Popcorn Time

No money for Netflix? It is time for Butter, the legal version of Popcorn Time

Netflix and similar services are great for movie fans and TV addicts alike – but, if you do not want to pay for your shows, there are ways of watching them on the Internet for free… and legally! Introducing Butter, a project from the creators of the legendary Popcorn Time, an app for watching torrent files without downloading them.

You can relax though, while the legality of Popcorn Time was questionable (since it infringed on intellectual property laws), the same cannot be said of Butter, which will offer free streaming video.

Butter, which is currently under development, will have the same aesthetics and functionality as Popcorn Time. The difference is that copyrighted videos will have their authors’ consent to be distributed free of charge on the service.

This said, it appears that Butter will be better suited to offer videos by new creators and independent artists, who are more interested in having their shows and movies seen than in making money from of them.

Keep in mind that, although mortally wounded, – it has been banned multiple times – Popcorn Time still exists. This is because its developer believes that there is nothing wrong with distributing content owned by third parties. He explains this by saying that, in his country, copyright and intellectual property laws are barely recognized.

Does Butter seem like a good idea to you? Will you use it, or stick to other apps?

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