No plans for WhatsApp on Firefox OS

No plans for WhatsApp on Firefox OS

WhatsApp head of business Neeraj Arora has stated that contrary to reports last week, the company has no plans to bring its messaging service to Firefox OS.

Last week the CEO of Spanish carrier Telefonica said that WhatsApp would be available on Firefox OS in the next few weeks. But this was strongly denied by WhatsApp on Twitter: ‘there are no plans to bring WhatsApp to Firefox OS,’ said Arora. A Firefox OS news site has also been suggesting since September that WhatsApp will be released for Mozilla’s new mobile OS, but increasingly this looks like speculation.

Replying to these rumors, Arora also scornfully said ‘ask people who are spreading the misinformation. Did we say anything?.’

It’s unlikely that a major corporation like Telefónica Digital would spread false information, so it may be that there are negotiations about bringing WhatsApp to Firefox OS that have not been concluded yet. It could also be that Telefónica is simply trying to build excitement for Firefox OS, as WhatsApp would be a big draw for consumers. The Spanish company did state that they could not give any details about the development of WhatsApp for Firefox OS.

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