Nokia Lumia: 20 essential apps

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Did you just get a brand new Nokia Lumia? Congratulations! Below are the 20 best apps for making the most of your new smartphone.



Viber is an application that lets you make HD video calls and send messages to your friends using your internet connection.


The King of VoIP is available for smartphones running Windows Phone 7.5. If you’re on a budget, this is an application you’d be mad to miss.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a free, cross-platform smartphone application for sending and receiving text messages at no cost to you.


Facebook, the most famous social network on the planet, lets you keep your profile page up todate, tell your friends what you’re up to, and post a picture in real time from your Windows phone.



FIFA 13 is a realistic, graphically detailed football game for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. It has the same fluid gameplay of the console version and includes several of its game modes.

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is a Windows Phone adaptation of the popular life simulation game. This game takes you on a journey where you control the lives of the virtual characters you create.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a great game that’s available on loads of platforms. The principle: slice the fruit – but only fruit! – that appears on the screen, using your finger as a sword.

Temple Run

Temple Run is am endless running game for Windows Phone 8 in which you control an adventurer who must run for his life after entering a cursed temple.


Free Ringtones

Free Ringtones is an application for smartphones running Windows Phone 7 that lets you download thousands of free ringtones directly from your phone.


The Spotify app for Windows Phone is already available on the Marketplace. It has a catalog of millions of songs and sound quality that’s a notch above other music streaming applications.


This free and intelligent application lets you find the title of a song just by listening to it. Simply place the phone near the music, and when the song is identified, the title appears on the screen.


Deezer is a free, online music streaming service that’s completely legal. With the Deezer application for Windows Phone 7, you can access all the music from your personal account on your phone.



Lomogram is a photo editing application on Windows Phone that was largely (ok then, completely!) inspired by Instagram.


Fhotoroom lets you edit and share your photos directly from your phone. Closely resembling Instagram in functionality, Fhotoroom sets itself apart with more powerful customization options.



Translator is the official translation application from Microsoft for Windows Phone. With an effective translator, you will break language barriers by easily translating text in many languages.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the official version of the popular PDF reader for Windows Phone 8. It’s clearly the best way to read PDF files on your phone, and is much better than the pre-installed application.


Flashcode is a useful program for scanning barcodes, whether it’s in the supermarket or QR code you find on a flyer or ad.


Flashlight-X is a free application that turns your smartphone into a real flashlight.


iCoyote is a community-based driving assistant that warns you of speed traps, jams, and traffic hazards.


Google has provided an alternative to Microsoft’s Bing, which is natively integrated into every Windows Phone.

What are your favorite Windows Phone applications?

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Original article written by Samuel Marc for Softonic FR.

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