Nokia’s world of fascinating facts

Olli-Pekka Kallavuo delivered a world of interesting factsThis week’s Nokia World 08 event in Barcelona was dominated by mass fawning over the company’s great new N97 device. The stunning announcement has meant that some of the other interesting stuff to come out of the event may have passed some people by. For instance, the Finnish phone giant announced a major update to its Nokia Maps product, closed on its deal to purchase the Symbian Foundation, and released a funky-looking Home Music Internet radio.

Aside from this, sitting in on the keynotes, Q&As and seminars at the event, we were privy to some real eye-opening and thought provoking tit-bits of information about the mobile and Internet industry. While we can’t vouch for the credibility of all of these facts and bits of trivia, it’s a good example of how the speech-givers managed to prick up the ears of an audience who were preoccupied by daydreams of owning an N97.

  •  “75 percent of the World have never used email” – Olli-Pekka Kallavuo, President and CEO, Nokia
  • “By the first quarter of next year 4 billion people will be using a mobile phone. One billion of these will be Nokia phones” – Olli-Pekka Kallavuo
  • “Nokia has the largest consumer base for any consumable product in the World” – Olli-Pekka Kallavuo
  • “India has the world’s fourth largest Internet market and is the number two driver of content for both Google and Yahoo, in terms of Alexa rank,”Neeraj Roy, Managing Director & CEO, Hungama Mobile
  • “Worth more than $45 billion, the games industry is the second largest within the entertainment sector” – Doug Garland, Vice President of Product Management, Google
  • “13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. This equates to 57,000 feature-length movies per week” – Doug Garland
  • “45% of Internet traffic is now video” – Doug Garland
  • “In Korea more people watch TV online than they do on TV” – Doug Garland
  • “91% of mobile users in China said their phone is never more than one meter away from them” – Doug Garland
  • “The top selling game for Nokia N-Gage is Creatures of the Deep – a fishing sim” – Lenn Pryor, Vice President of Product Marketing – Services and Software, Nokia
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