Noom and Six Pack, just two of our Top Five Fitness Apps

Noom and Six Pack, just two of our Top Five Fitness Apps

Summer is done, but just because I no longer have to worry about the pressure to look good on the beach doesn’t mean I should give up being healthy. So I am here to encourage you to do the same with my favorite fitness apps.

Remember though, before you make any major lifestyle changes: check with your medical professional.

A large part of staying in shape is watching what you eat. I know its dull, but as long as you are sensible and don’t over indulge too much it doesn’t have to cramp your style. Noom (iOS|Android) is a simple tool for this, allowing you to keep on top of your calories from day today.

Once your food is under control, it is time to get a bit more physical. Now, if you haven’t trained through the summer it’s good to start off by getting those muscles loose – for which I recommend Daily Yoga (iOS|Android). This attractive app that gives you plenty of routines for free to help you find your center of gravity and start toning your muscles.

The easy parts are done, it is now time to start hurting. Runtastic’s Six Pack (iOS|Android) is a pain inducing app to turn your flabs into abs. It starts off light, but within a month it will have you begging for mercy.

Talking of Runtastic, their Biking and Running apps (pretty much all of them) are our next choice. Brilliantly tracking the distance you have run or ridden using GPS, these tools allow you a way to easily track your sessions over time. Measuring time, distance, elevation, calories, and (with the right equipment) heart rate, this can build a true picture of your training.

But if all that sounds a little dull, I also have Zombies, Run! (iOS|Android). Crossing a running app with a radio play, this adds fun to your exercise. Connected to a community of survivors, their comms-tower relays events in your local area, forcing you to constantly outrun undead hordes. Even better, you can chose to use your devices motion tracking to judge distance, so it can be used on a treadmill.

That’s it, I will be back with five new app recommendations next weeksubscribe so you don’t miss that, and I will see you then.

If you didn’t like them… We still can recommend you 8fit as an alternative!

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