Now blind people can read your handwriting

Microsoft are adding new features to their ridiculously cool seeing AI app. These cool new features include currency recognition of British Pounds, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Euros. The coolest new feature is the handwriting recognition feature that will read out any handwritten notes that are shown to the app.

These new features add to the already significant skillset held by the seeing AI app. As we reported when it first came out, the app can…

“Read out text, provide audio guidance for scanning printing pages, scan grocery items and then even offer instructions on how to use them. Most impressively, Seeing AI should be able to recognize friends, describe them to the user, and even indicate their emotional state.”

This update will be great news for any of the 100,000 users of Microsoft’s ingenious use of AI algorithms. As new features like these continue be added, however, it’ll be the visually impaired community in general that’ll benefit. An amazing feature that alerts users of the level of light in a particular room is designed to prevent blind people from having to check whether a light is on or not by touching the bulb and, potentially, burning themselves. Hopefully all issues like this can aided by the addition of new features to the app as time goes by.

Unfortunately, however, these features and the seeing AI app as a whole are only available on iOS devices and Microsoft are yet to announce a plan to bring the app to Android.

If you know anybody who is visually impaired and uses an iPhone let them know about Microsoft’s Seeing AI app. We’d love to hear about anybody’s experiences using the app in the comments below.

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