Obscure messenger lets you delete your pics and texts from your friends’ phones

Obscure messenger lets you delete your pics and texts from your friends’ phones
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It seems that just about every messaging app is trying to emulate Snapchat’s famous disappearing messages. New app, Obscure, is also doing this but its approach is a bit more unique.

Instead of having messages and photos disappear after a set amount of time after being opened, Obscure gives you control over everything you send. Regret sending that silly picture of yourself or an angry text? You can delete it directly off your friend’s phone. Your friends also can’t screenshot any messages or photos in the app, but that doesn’t prevent people from taking pictures of their phone.

Obscure offers an advantage over Snapchat, which doesn’t let you take back what you sent. You just have to wait for your friend to view it and trigger the self-destructing timer.

Obscure offers more than just deleting messages. The app has a ton of filters and stickers to dress up your photos with. There are also 9 interactive filters that you can interact with. For example, you can obscure a photo behind a zipper and your friends can drag the zipper down to reveal it. They’re a bit gimmicky but teens may eat it up.

You can also blur out sensitive parts of a photo, whether it needs it or not.

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Check out Obscure for Android if you feel sender’s remorse often.

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