Odd job games for your PC

No locksmith simulation game found yetEver dreamed of driving a space taxi? Or managing a TV station? How about being a professional deep sea diver? We’ve delved into the Softonic games category to come up with the oddest job games you could play. If you’re working this is probably a good way to escape from the office and dream yourself into a completely different environment.

  • Chocolatier : Build up and manage a successful chocolate company, creating new recipes, cutting deals with shops and beating competitors to the best cocoa and nut shipments.
  • TV Station Manager : Can you take the stress of live 24 hour news? In this game you have to rebuild a nearly bankrupt indy TV station, buying and selling TV rights, setting the weekly schedule and handling advertising deals.
  • Paparazzi : Harass stars and celebrities, building your reputation as one of the tabloid press’s most ruthless photographers.
  • Space Taxi 2 : In the future, as claimed for the last 50 years, we’ll all have flying cars. In this game you get to pilot your flying taxi around a futuristic city, catching fares from aliens, robots and humans alike.
  • Drug Wars – Underworld : Play the role of a street dealer, buying and selling all sorts of drugs so you can one day become the big honcho of drug trafficking.
  • Profitville : Help your city’s economy shine again by handling shipment of goods to all the local shops, fending off the competition of the MegaMarts at the same time.
  • Nanny Mania : Think cleaning up your room is painful? In this game you need to keep a whole household spick and span, making beds, taking out the trash and so on.
  • Diver: Deep Water Adventures : As a professionnal diver you’ll be able to make money by filming underwater documentaries, recovering lost treasures from sunken shipwrecks or disabling old WWII mines among other things.
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