Office for iPad announced that’s free to view, pay to use

Christopher Park


Microsoft officially announced Office for iPad. CEO Satya Nadella had a short introduction in the press conference today talking about a new focus of Microsoft.

Dubbing it “Ubiquitous Computing,” Nadella stressed that the cloud is a main pillar for the company. His short monologue contained phrases like “Mobile First Cloud First World” and “do more across all devices.” But the main point was the reveal of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for iPad.

Office for iPad announced that’s free to view, pay to use

These apps aren’t ports from the iPhone, but native apps that take advantage of the device.

Office for iPad will have a freemium model. Breaking it down, the apps are free to download for everyone as a viewer and reader. If you want to create or edit documents, Office for iPad requires a Office 365 subscription.

word for ipad

Since documents are stored in OneDrive, you will be able to have the latest version on any device and shared editing is supported.

Julia White demoed each suite while highlighting certain features.

excel for ipad

Word allows for threaded comments and the ability to accept or reject edits. Excel can insert charts and update equations and Powerpoint has a touch-based laser pointer and annotation tool for presentations.

White also said that new content will be added to the app and that this touch-based Office app will be available in the Windows Store and other platforms.

Download Microsoft Word for iPad

Download Microsoft Excel for iPad

Download Microsoft Powerpoint for iPad


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