Office Lens scans your documents using your Windows Phone

Office Lens scans your documents using your Windows Phone

If you ever wanted to scan something on the go, Office Lens can help you. The app, developed by Microsoft, turns your Windows Phone into a scanner. Take a picture of a document and the app will analyze and flatten the image to make it easy to read.

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Today, Microsoft updated the app with better document clean up and the ability to pick where you want to save in OneNote (Android | iPad | iPhoneMac | Windows | Windows 8). The app is now smarter at cleaning up your documents and can turn a scanned receipt into grayscale, making it easier to read.

One glaring omission still missing from Office Lens is optical character recognition, also known as OCR. This handy feature analyzes text so you can copy and search for words within a document. However, OneNote for Windows does include an OCR feature so you’ll have to use your PC to look up scanned text. Hopefully Microsoft builds this into the app next.

OneNote users on iOS and Windows 8 already have this feature built into the app. Use the camera button to take a picture and the image will be added to your notes.

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