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Office Tip: use tabs in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Over the years, I’ve learned a few simple tricks using Office, and none have come in handy as much as Office Tab. I can’t count the number of times I’ve dreamed of being able to use tabs with Microsoft Office. I was convinced that it was impossible to open multiple files in one window. Then, I discovered Office Tab.

How does it works? Once installed, if you double-click on a Word document while another one is already open, the program adds a tab to the Word interface instead of creating a new window.

The demo version is free for 30 days, and it comes in two versions: Office Tab, which is compatible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Office Tab Enterprise, which works with all Microsoft Office software packages.

1. Download and set-up

Download Office Tab and follow the installation process. In the Select products window, if you use an older version of Microsoft Office, check the first box only. If you’ve already purchased Office 2013, choose the second option, then confirm by clicking Next.

Office Tabs 2010 2013

2. Select destination

Select the destination path, then select the components you need: Office Tab for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. I advise you all to install all of them since the files are small.

Office Tabs programs

3. Close and install

Close all windows in Word, Excel, and any other program in Microsoft Office before proceeding with the installation.

4. Customize

Finally, after installation is finished, Office Tab takes you directly to the Office Tab options control panel.

In this panel, you can customize how you’d like these plug-ins to behave. If you explore a little bit, you’ll find a few interesting features.

Office Tabs options

5. Access tabs

Below is a screenshot of Word 2013 before and after you install Office Tab. The second image shows the same thing, but with Excel 2013.

In any case, notice that the ribbon interface has been changed. A new section, located at the top right, appears on the screen. Tabs that allow you to juggle between documents are placed just below the ribbon.

Word with or without Office Tabs

Excel before and after having installed Office Tabs

Now, you can comfortably navigate Office with multiple documents in a single window using tabs.

Although the free trial lasts only 30 days, if you’re a big user of Office products (which let’s face it, many of us are), then it’s a great solution.

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