Time travel to see now-dead Disney rides with this YouTube channel

Ben Bowman


A trip to a theme park is a rite of passage for nearly every American kid. The rides! The character costumes! The terrible food that costs too much! The souvenirs that also cost too much and end up getting thrown away when you move! To keep audiences engaged, theme parks are always changing. Cool new rides are always being added, but that means old rides and attractions meet the wrecking ball. If you want a serious dose of nostalgia, it’s worth subscribing to the Defunctland YouTube channel.


Time travel to see old amusement park rides with Defunctland

Defunctland produces some high-quality mini-documentaries that detail the now-dead attractions of our youth. From Disney parks to Universal Studios, Cedar Point, and other parks around the world, Defunctland shows you the origin stories of these attractions, the launch hype, and the critical flaws that led to their demise. Here are some of our favorite episodes:

Defunctland even has its own subreddit where people can share memories of old theme park attractions.

What’s your favorite theme park ride that no longer exists? Let us know in the comments below!

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