On vacation? This variant of WannaCry could attack you

On vacation? This variant of WannaCry could attack you

It seems that the ransomware WannaCry, which put our security at risk in May and was long considered dead, is still showing signs of life: experts have detected that it has a new victim, especially vulnerable during vacation season. A variation of the virus has reached hotel wi-fi.

Remnants of WannaCry have now started to take shape in a new attack called GAMEFISH that affects customers connecting to hotel wi-fi. This attack works in the same way as the original, taking advantage of how vulnerable some outdated computer systems are.

Ransomware works like this: hackers send infected emails to the email addresses of leading hotel groups in Europe. They pose as tourists looking for a room at the last minute and send an attachment that apparently is a reservation form for that hotel.

In reality, the attachment, innocently named Hotel_Reservation_Form.doc, is a malicious attachment that infects PCs that aren’t updated. If the receptionist opens the file on a not-so-new computer, it becomes infected, as well as other PCs on the same network. Since the virus spreads via wi-fi, this could mean it infects many hotel guests’ computers.

How can something like this be avoided? Tip # 1 is always the same: UPDATE. Make sure your PC has the latest version of Windows, as there’s no better defense against viruses.

Besides this basic advice, we’ll leave you with this useful video about 6 more tricks to keep ransomware at bay.


Source: Computer Hoy

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