Online games: when simple means addictive

Flash gamesIt’s been a long time without posting about online games, so I decided to look for any recent launches that could prove good enough for our insideTonic readers. However, after browsing the web for a while in search of true time wasters, I’ve reached the conclusion that sometimes simpler is just better, especially when dealing with online Flash games. This is because this kind of games are mostly intended to be played during study or work pauses, so they need to be easy to understand and quick to play.

Two good examples are Virtual Throwing Cards and Mouse Pointer. The first one consists on throwing cards inside a hat, while the second challenges you to move your mouse pointer from one side of the screen to the other without touching any boundaries. Both sound pretty silly but I can tell you that first, they’re not that easy and second, they’re really addictive.

So, next time you feel overwhelmed by due term papers or boring work tasks, take a break and enjoy yourself for a while with these simple games.

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