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Only Murders in the Building: the much-anticipated series premieres on Disney+

Only Murders in the Building: the much-anticipated series premieres on Disney+


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Only Murders in the Building, Star’s much-anticipated original series, is coming to Disney+ on Tuesday, August 31st. In it, Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez play neighbors who find themselves wrapped up in a murder investigation, bringing the laughs as they hunt down a killer who lives in their apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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A building full of secrets

Only Murders in the Building is set in bustling New York City, where Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) are residents of an Upper West Side apartment complex. Virtually strangers, the trio have barely exchanged a word since they’ve been neighbors. But they’ll soon bond over a shared obsession with true crime and unsolved mysteries.

After the bizarre death of resident Tim Kono, the nosy neighbors jump at the chance to pursue their hobby and investigate the lurid event on their own. They come to suspect that Kono’s death was no accident: clearly, there is a murderer on the loose in the building, whose residents once seemed so charming yet boring.

A podcast to solve a crime

The situation is a dream come true for Charles, Oliver and Mabel, who seize the opportunity to become amateur detectives. They’ll break into Kono’s apartment, scour the crime scene and investigate the residents of the building, their suspects, one by one. But to stay on the murderer’s trail, good detectives need to document their case, and this unlikely trio is no exception. However, instead of the usual means, they decide to record their findings by making their own peculiar yet hilarious podcast.

Everyone’s a suspect

As the investigation advances, the true-crime aficionados will discover that Kono’s murder is not just any crime. In fact, they will be slowly immersed in a mystery far greater than they had imagined, causing them to examine the complicated past of their apartment building. But that’s not all. Upon investigating their neighbors and uncovering their lies and bizarre behaviors, the list of suspects will only grow. But since the murderer is among them, watching their every move through the podcast, they’ll have to hurry up and solve the crime if they don’t want to become his or her next victim.

A comedic murder mystery

Created by the great Steve Martin, Only Murders in the Building is inarguably the most eagerly awaited new series on Disney+ this summer. It promises to strike a perfect balance between a comedy and a mystery, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as the building residents’ secrets are exposed one by one.

Only Murders in the Building has a total of 10 episodes, and three will be dropped on Disney+ on the day of its premiere (August 31st). You won’t have to wait long to watch the rest of the series, because a new episode will be released every week. This is a show you don’t want to miss!



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