Opera 24 out now with new tab previews

Opera 24 out now with new tab previews
Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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Opera 24 desktop is out now, with three new features. There’s tab previews, better support for high resolution screens and a clearer private window mode.

The first new feature, tab previews, aims to make it easier to find what you want when you have lots of tabs open. Hovering over a tab opens a preview showing you what’s inside over the tab you’re viewing. This means you can find the tab you want without clicking through them. Opera says the previews are big enough to use them to quickly check up on pages that change regularly, like Facebook or Twitter. Now you can check tabs like that without even clicking.

For Windows PCs, Opera 24 now looks better on high resolution screens. Basically, this means the Opera interface can now be displayed at a higher resolution, so it looks crisp on HD monitors. Anyone who saw old programs running on an Apple ‘retina’ display will know how fuzzy and unfocussed interfaces look if they have to been rendered at high resolution.

The third change simply makes Private browsing windows easier to pick out. Private browsing mode doesn’t save any history or activity when you use it, and now it should be easier to find and close those windows.

Download Opera desktop for: Windows|Mac

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