Opera 9.5 beta2 – the fastest web browser on the Net?

Opera 9.5 beta2 – the fastest web browser on the Net?


As soon as you install this browser you will have a new pleasant experience about web surfing. Every page loads faster and this is something measurable even without having to use a stopwatch, such is the difference respect other web browsers.
In terms of computer resources then, Opera stands out. Compared with Firefox for example, the former uses 30% less RAM, with the same number of web sites and tabs open.

Another immediately visible improvement is the scrolling page function which is much smother when compared with other web browsers. Also the full screen mode (press F11 for this), takes up nearly all of your screen leaving nothing but the web site you want to look at. I also liked the way the browser lights up tabs and query buttons, when you pass the mouse over them.

Among the most important features outlined by Opera you can find:

  • Quick Find – type one word of a web site you visited, and Opera finds the page for you
  • Opera Link – Syncs your bookmarks and Speed Dial between your computers and mobile phone.
  • Speed Dial – set of visual bookmarks you see when you open a new tab. Very effective and useful to keep an eye on multiple web pages, at the same time!
  • Stay safe – Fraud Protection is enabled by default, detecting and warning you about fraudulent Web sites automatically.
  • Email enlightened – Opera’s built-in e-mail client features improved responsiveness.
  • Web developer tools – Supports cutting edge Web standards and the upcoming Web developer tools.

Have you tried the new Opera? If you haven’t, now’s the time!

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