Opera browser offers you more of the internet

Opera browser offers you more of the internet

The Opera web browser has been around since the early days of the internet. In its current 53rd version as well as offering speed, security, and reliability. Opera is rocking some amazing features that you will not find in alternative web browsers. Let’s take a look at some of the truly unique features you’ll find if download Opera for free today.

Full Facebook and WhatsApp integration

One of the key innovations of Opera is the unobtrusive sidebar that puts the World Wide Web closer to your fingertips than ever. The sidebar does not get in the way of anything but instead offers quick one-click access to classic browser features like favorites, downloads, settings and more. In the latest version of Opera, the sidebar comes loaded with an extra bonus that won’t be found elsewhere. Fully loaded web versions of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The clean interface offered by the sidebar is the perfect place to house your chats and private messages. Opera has done a great job of putting your ongoing conversations right there, so that they can be easily accessed, rather than getting lost in all of your open tabs.

Features included in both messaging services include the ability to pin your important chats, activate in-browser notifications when you receive messages, and the ability to mute conversations or simply log off altogether.

The Messenger and WhatsApp integration mean it is easier than ever to stay in contact with your friends while you’re using the internet. It also ensures that checking in and responding to messages will have minimal effect on whatever it is you’re doing on the internet.



Instant Search – Why don’t all browsers have this?

Opera really has innovated a lot over the years when it comes to accessibility. From developing a mobile web browser that can be easily used with just one hand to the introduction of the sidebar on desktop, Opera is always looking for ways to make it easier for you to get you want when you’re browsing the internet. It is in this tradition that Opera has introduced a couple of easy access shortcodes, which will make you wonder why all browsers don’t have them.

Simply hitting ALT + Space at the same time will open up Opera’s instant search module. Here you’ll be able to search right there in the module without having to navigate to another page. Just take a look down at your keyboard for one second. Alt + Space are right next to each other and could not be easier to hit at the same time. Considering how much we search on the internet these days being able to quickly open up a search module without having to use the mouse makes web browsing a lot easier.

There is, however, another option once the search module is open. You simply hit CTRL and Space, or Tab from the search module to slide between search and open tabs. The cool thing here is that you can search through your tabs using search terms. If you’re researching a trip, but you’re also reading an online magazine, for example, you simply hit ALT + Space to open the search module, type in travel, and then hit CTRL + Space to search your tabs rather than the whole internet.

Anything else that is worth your time?

As well as everything we’ve already gone through, Opera browser also comes bundled with plenty of other features. Highlights include a native ad blocker, a built-in VPN for encrypting your traffic, a snapshot tool for quickly grabbing customizable screenshots from web pages, and a foreign currency converter.

There really is too much to go through here though. To get the complete low down on everything we’ve mentioned already as well as to learn about the rest of Opera’s fantastic features you should download Opera browser today. It is completely free, so it won’t cost you a penny, and we’re convinced that it will revolutionize the way you browse the internet.

Download Opera now for easier access to the internet and more.

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