Opera Mobile and Mini updated with auto-suggest

Opera Mobile and Mini updated with auto-suggest

Lazy mobile internet users will be rejoicing today after Opera added auto-complete and auto-suggest features to its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers.

New version of Opera Mini

The new versions of Opera’s mobile apps now display suggestions as you type into the built-in search field in the browser. Opera Mini and Mobile will now intelligently complete web addresses as you type, learning which sites you visit and using this information so you don’t have to type the whole address.

Auto-suggest has existed as a feature in many other mobile browsers for some time, including Firefox Mobile and Dolphin Browser HD. But it’s nice to see Opera finally add this useful feature to its popular apps.

Opera Mobile 11.1 is now available to download for Android and Symbian. You can download Opera Mini 6.1 for Java, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry devices. For details of the differences between Opera Mobile and Opera Mini, see the post we wrote on this a while back.

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